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OHR Conversations: Rina Benmayor and Linda Shopes on Ron Grele

Last week, Digital Editor Janneken Smucker virtually sat down with Rina Benmayor and Linda Shopes, the guest editors of Oral History Review’s Winter/Spring 2019 issue special section, “The Contributions of Ronald J. Grele to Oral History.” In this installment of OHR Conversations, our guests share what all oral historians should know about their friend and […]

Landscapes of meaning

View Post on OUP Blog By Andrew Shaffer This week, we’re bringing you another exciting edition of the Oral History Review podcast, in which Troy Reeves talks to OHR contributor Jessica Taylor. In addition to discussing her article, “We’re on Fire”: Oral History and the Preservation, Commemoration, and Rebirth of Mississippi’s Civil Rights Sites, the podcast touches […]

The power of oral history as a history-making practice

View Post on OUP Blog By Andrew Shaffer This week, we have a special podcast with managing editor Troy Reeves and Oral History Review 41.2 contributor Amy Starecheski. Her article, “Squatting History: The Power of Oral History as a History-Making Practice,” explores the ways in which an intergenerational group of activists have used oral history […]

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