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Author: Nicole Strunk

5 Questions About: We Are The Roots

  We’ve asked creators of non-print and media projects reviewed in the pages of Oral History Review to answer 5 questions about why we should explore them. In our latest installment of this series, Jenna Bailey discusses the We Are The Roots documentary, winner of the 2018 OHA Non-Print Format Award. Read Anna Kaplan’s review […]

Best Practices for Working with a Transcriptionist

We are grateful for the expertise of veteran Oral History Association members who are willing to share their wisdom with our readers. In this week’s post, Teresa Bergen shares tips for producing high quality interview transcripts when working with a transcriptionist, drawn from her forthcoming book, Transcribing Oral History. By Teresa Bergen You’ve conducted your […]

Author interview: Emma Vickers on Unexpected Trauma in Oral History Interviews

In her recent OHR article, “Unexpected Trauma in Oral Interviewing,” Emma Vickers argues that oral historians can draw on psychoanalytic theories to better equip for unexpected trauma in interviews. Here, she answers a few of our questions about ways to navigate trauma when interviewing. Can you explain what you mean by “unexpected trauma” in the […]

The Blossoming of Oral History in Greece

Andromache Gazi, author of the recently published “Oral Testimonies as Independent Museum Exhibits: A Case Study from the Industrial Gas Museum in Athens”, shares her perspective on today’s rapidly growing oral history community in Greece. By Andromache Gazi During the last decade, an extraordinary interest in oral history has developed in Greece. This has manifested, […]

OHR Conversations: Rina Benmayor and Linda Shopes on Ron Grele

Last week, Digital Editor Janneken Smucker virtually sat down with Rina Benmayor and Linda Shopes, the guest editors of Oral History Review’s Winter/Spring 2019 issue special section, “The Contributions of Ronald J. Grele to Oral History.” In this installment of OHR Conversations, our guests share what all oral historians should know about their friend and […]

Listening again, digging deeper, & hearing moral injury

The authors of the recently published article “Oral History, Moral Injury, and Vietnam Veterans,” available online, share their thoughts on and experiences with “moral injury.”  By Philip F. Napoli, with contributions from Thomas Brinson, Neil Kenny, and Joan Furey. As part of the research for my book, Bringing It All Back Home: An Oral History […]

“Writing” Oral History at the Organization of American Historians

The Philadelphia-based team of OHR editors welcomes the Organization of American Historians‘ Annual Conference to their home town this April, where they will lead a workshop “Writing” Oral History.  By Janneken Smucker  Editor in Chief David Caruso, managing editor Abigail Perkiss, and digital editor Janneken Smucker each call Philadelphia home, so we are thrilled that […]

Seeking the Voices: The Making of Union Time

Matthew Barr and Cornelia Wright Barr reflect on the creation of Union Time: Fighting for Workers’ Rights. The documentary, which draws heavily on oral historical methods, follows the story of workers at the Smithfield Pork Processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina, as they fought for safe, fair working conditions—and won.  Read a review of […]

Thanks, Elinor

  The OHR is saying goodbye to Elinor Mazé, our Copy and Production Editor, so naturally we had to interview her before she left. Thank you, Elinor, for all your service! How did you begin working in the field of oral history? Can you give us an overview of your career? It was all happenstance! […]

5 Questions About: The Many Lives of Cy Endfield: Film Noir, the Blacklist, and Zulu

  We’ve asked authors of books reviewed in the upcoming edition of the Oral History Review to answer 5 questions about why we should read them. In our latest installment of the series, Brian Neve discusses The Many Lives of Cy Endfield: Film Noir, the Blacklist, and Zulu. Holly Werner-Thomas’s review of The Many Lives of Cy Endfield: Film […]

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