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OHR Conversations: Feminist Oral History

In this installment of Oral History Review‘s OHR Conversations, Digital Editor Janneken Smucker joins contributors to the recent special section, “Decentering and Decolonizing Feminist Oral Histories: Reflections on the State of the Field in the Early Twenty-First Century” to discuss how the seminal text, Women’s Words and the ideas explored in their special section have impacted their […]

OHR Conversations: Carrie Hamilton on Animal Studies and Oral History

In this installment of Oral History Review’s OHR Conversations, independent scholar Carrie Hamilton discusses ways in which the sub-fields of oral history and Animal Studies can inform one another, drawing from her article published in the Summer/Fall 2018 issue, “Animal Stories and Oral History: Witnessing and Mourning across the Species Divide.”   Listen to audio […]

OHR Conversations: Chris Nugent on Gender, Transmission of Memory, and the Third Reich

We are pleased to announce the launch of OHR Conversations, our new initiative to turn the microphone toward Oral History Review¬†authors to give them an opportunity to share what inspired their articles, giving a behind the scene glimpse at how oral historians think about their practice, methods, and theories. In our first installment of OHR […]

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