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OHA Annual Meeting

Manitoba Food History Project

Food trucks can serve up more than delicious street food! They can serve a dual purpose as an innovative way of interacting and recording oral history. University of Winnipeg Professors Janis Thiessen, Kent Davis, and Kimberley Moore created a classroom experience that allowed students to dive into their first oral history interviews while extending their […]

OHR Happy Hour in Los Angeles #OHA2022

Want to learn more about publishing in the flagship Oral History journal or on our blog? Eager to review oral history related books and media projects? Interested in learning about our editorial process or applying to be part of the next editorial team? Confused or curious about the world of academic publishing? Excited to meet […]

Announcing 2022 Virtual Issue

The Oral History Review‘s rich archive of nearly 50 years is full of scholarship to revisit and reconsider. Annually we dig into the archive to assemble a virtual issue on a theme, a valuable practice of learning from the scholars and practitioners who have come before us. This year’s virtual issue doubles as an opportunity to […]

2021 Virtual Issue: Ethics

The Oral History Review editorial team is delighted our special issue on ethics has launched online and arrived in your mailboxes. To accompany this issue, our spring 2021 intern Mark Vallaro and assistant editor Nicole Strunk have produced our annual virtual issue drawing from the OHR archive of articles. This year, the virtual issue explores […]

Oral History Association Annual Meeting Preview

From the editors It’s not too late to register for the Oral History Association’s annual meeting, October 9-14, and the good thing is, you don’t even need to book a flight. Although we dearly miss seeing our friends and colleagues in person, and the opportunity to make new friends in the elevator, hotel bar, or […]

self care

Troy Reeves on Building Our Practices of Self Care

Inspired by a session at the recent Oral History Association annual meeting, which occurred virtually in October, oral historian Troy Reeves reflects on a particular peril of the profession: interviews can be emotional and traumatic, and interviewers may not be as versed in self-care as we are in asking good questions. Troy invites us to […]

2020 Virtual Issue: The Quest for Democracy

Since 2016 the OHR editorial team has produced virtual issues to complement the theme of the Oral History Association’s annual meeting, selecting articles from the OHR archive that shed light on the topic of today’s cutting edge oral history scholarship. This year, we explore “The Quest for Democracy: One Hundred Years of Struggle.” From the […]

5 Questions About: We Are The Roots

  We’ve asked creators of non-print and media projects reviewed in the pages of Oral History Review to answer 5 questions about why we should explore them. In our latest installment of this series, Jenna Bailey discusses the We Are The Roots documentary, winner of the 2018 OHA Non-Print Format Award. Read Anna Kaplan’s review […]

OHR Conversations: Feminist Oral History

In this installment of Oral History Review‘s OHR Conversations, Digital Editor Janneken Smucker joins contributors to the recent special section, “Decentering and Decolonizing Feminist Oral Histories: Reflections on the State of the Field in the Early Twenty-First Century” to discuss how the seminal text, Women’s Words and the ideas explored in their special section have impacted their […]

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