Writing Reviews for OHR

Book Reviews, contact Sharon Raynor: ohrbookrevieweditor@gmail.com
Non-print/Media Reviews, contact Edward “Bud” Kliment, Media Review Editor, OHRMedia@outlook.com

The Oral History Review (OHR) publishes print and media reviews of works that will interest oral historians. Although we primarily review works that explore oral history practice, theory, and pedagogy, we also invite reviews of works that stretch the boundaries of the field, such as oral history applied to performance studies, community activism, qualitative research, digital humanities, archives, public history, and related literary genres. Media reviews include performances, exhibitions, digital projects, documentaries, podcasts, applications, and emerging new media formats.  We hope the works reviewed in OHR will inspire, challenge, and generate discussion as the field moves through the twenty-first century.

The success of OHR reviews depends on the expertise and diverse perspectives of the oral history community. We invite you to participate by suggesting recent print or media works to be reviewed, or to join our group of reviewers and write a reviews drawing on your interest and knowledge.

To Suggest a Work for Review

To suggest a work for review please complete the OHR Book or Media Review Suggestion form. It’s fine to suggest your own work!


We review recently published books on a variety of perspectives and topics that will interest OHR readers. Though we welcome publications from around the world, books should be written in English (translations ok) and available for purchase in the United States, where most of our readers live. Although reviews of scholarly print publications form core of our review section, we welcome alternative publications such as works from non-academic publishers, as well as those in alternate formats and genres such as graphic novels, and audio- or e-books.

Media/ Non-print

OHR reviews non-print projects that directly engage with oral history content, theory, and methodologies. We especially welcome suggestions for creative works in any format that use oral history in new ways. Exhibitions and performances should be current; digital projects and applications should be readily accessible to our readers.

To Write a Review


Contact co-editor Sharon Raynor, ohrbookrevieweditor@gmail.com to request or suggest a book for review 

Media Reviews

Contact Edward “Bud” Kliment, Media Review Editor, OHRMedia@outlook.com to suggest non-print projects to review or volunteer to be a reviewer. See the Guidelines for Non-Print/Media Reviews.