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OHR Welcomes New Editor-in-Chief

As 2024 began, Abby, Dave, and Janneken wrapped up their six years serving as editors of the Oral History Review, and Holly Werner -Thomas stepped in to lead the new editorial team. We asked Holly a few questions about what she plans for the next several years. This is a first in a series of posts […]

New Issue Live!

We’re pleased to announce that the digital version of the Fall/Winter 2023 OHR is live and that paper copies have arrived in mailboxes. This issue, the last under the direction of our current editorial team, is devoted to the theme of “Disrupting Best Practices.”  We are grateful to each of the authors who contributed articles […]

Search for New OHR Editorial Team

From the Editors Maybe you already heard the news…. the current editorial team of Abby, Dave, and Janneken is coming up on the end of their second term at the helm of Oral History Review. Although it has been a rewarding experience—one in which we have had the privilege of working with so many outstanding authors […]

OHR Happy Hour in Los Angeles #OHA2022

Want to learn more about publishing in the flagship Oral History journal or on our blog? Eager to review oral history related books and media projects? Interested in learning about our editorial process or applying to be part of the next editorial team? Confused or curious about the world of academic publishing? Excited to meet […]

Announcing 2022 Virtual Issue

The Oral History Review‘s rich archive of nearly 50 years is full of scholarship to revisit and reconsider. Annually we dig into the archive to assemble a virtual issue on a theme, a valuable practice of learning from the scholars and practitioners who have come before us. This year’s virtual issue doubles as an opportunity to […]

A Year in Review: Our Top Ten of 2021

Before we leave 2021 completely behind us, we wanted to get one last look at some of the blog’s most popular posts. Here is a countdown of the top ten most viewed OHR blog posts published in the past year. 10. OHR Readings on Asian American History and Culture by Mark Vallaro, April 9, 2021 9. […]

OHR Call for Submissions for Upcoming Special Issue on Disrupting Best Practices

The Oral History Review invites submissions with a special focus on ways that oral historians have disrupted our field’s “best practices” and challenged the status quo. Submit full articles by 1 June 2022. Update: deadline for manuscript selections extended until June 15, 2022.  As oral historians, we define our field by a set of commonly-held […]

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