It’s that time of year again. 

From Nicole Strunk

I’m thankful to be working alongside this editorial team for the second time. I feel lucky to be able to collaborate and connect with this fantastic OHA community (you!) as a budding oral historian; I have learned things that I didn’t know I didn’t know more times than I can count. 

We wouldn’t be able to have this extended OHR platform without the generous contributions of our guest authors who have gifted us with their time, reflections, and analyses. This past year, we’ve heard about their projects, books, thoughts on self-care, and ethics

I’m thankful for our social media outlets like Twitter, which you should definitely follow, or our Youtube channel where our one-of-a-kind co-editor Janneken Smucker hosts OHR Conversations. Oh yeah, and subscribe to the blog, of course.

Nicole Strunk started working with the OHR team as their editorial assistant intern in 2018, and, after a brief hiatus, has returned this year as their assistant editor. During the day, she is the Oral History Program Assistant at the Science History Institute’s Center for Oral History and is pursuing an MLIS degree at Rutgers University.