OHR Conversations: Chris Nugent on Gender, Transmission of Memory, and the Third Reich

We are pleased to announce the launch of OHR Conversations, our new initiative to turn the microphone toward Oral History Review authors to give them an opportunity to share what inspired their articles, giving a behind the scene glimpse at how oral historians think about their practice, methods, and theories.

In our first installment of OHR Conversations, we interviewed Chris Nugent, Library Director at Warren Wilson College, and author of “Remembering, Reflecting, Reckoning: German Women and the Long Shadow of National Socialism” in the Winter/Spring 2018 issue of OHR. She discusses the origins of her project interviewing two generations of German women—the first who grew up under National Socialism, and the second the generation of their daughters, focusing on ideas including the transmission of memory and gendered forms of communication.

Listen to audio only.

Christine Nugent serves as library director at Warren Wilson College. Her research interests include German national identity, memory studies, Holocaust literature, and oral history methodology.