A Year in Review: Our Top Ten of 2021

Before we leave 2021 completely behind us, we wanted to get one last look at some of the blog’s most popular posts. Here is a countdown of the top ten most viewed OHR blog posts published in the past year.

10. OHR Readings on Asian American History and Culture by Mark Vallaro, April 9, 2021

9. Author Interview: Liz Strong on Protecting Interviewers, September 3, 2021

8. 5 Questions About Chicano Communists and the Struggle for Social Justice, interview with Enrique Buelna, May 28, 2021

7. Memoir: Hillbillies and Black Helicopters, by Alex Primm, April 23, 2021

6. Using Oral History to Preserve Space for Individual Traumas within the Collective Tragedy of September 11th, by Rebecca Brenner Graham, September 9, 2021

5. The Andean Oral History Workshop: Reweaving Narratives of Indigenous Resistance in Bolivia, Part 2, by Benjamin Dangl, November 3, 2021

4. The Andean Oral History Workshop: Decolonizing Historical Research Methods in Bolivia, Part 1, by Benjamin Dangl, October 20, 2021

3. StoryCorps and Crowdsourcing in the World of Digital Humanities, by Aubrey Parke, January 8, 2021

2.  Art, Oral History and Ireland’s Mother and Baby Homes, by Sarah O’Brien, April 2, 2021

1. Is Sharing Authority a Cop Out? by Mary Rizzo, September 17, 2021

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