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Documenting Tears

Oral historians have begun drawing on the history of emotions, analyzing nonverbal communication and sentiment, rather than only the words narrators speak. Here Dalrún Eygerðardóttir, a PhD student at the University of Iceland, shares her interpretation of expressions of sorrow communicated by Icelandic housekeepers in oral history interviews.  By Dalrún J. Eygerðardóttir “I can´t explain […]

5 Questions About: We Are The Roots

  We’ve asked creators of non-print and media projects reviewed in the pages of Oral History Review to answer 5 questions about why we should explore them. In our latest installment of this series, Jenna Bailey discusses the We Are The Roots documentary, winner of the 2018 OHA Non-Print Format Award. Read Anna Kaplan’s review […]

Seeking the Voices: The Making of Union Time

Matthew Barr and Cornelia Wright Barr reflect on the creation of Union Time: Fighting for Workers’ Rights. The documentary, which draws heavily on oral historical methods, follows the story of workers at the Smithfield Pork Processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina, as they fought for safe, fair working conditions—and won.  Read a review of […]

pbsthisdayinhistory: August 29, 2005:  Hurricane Katrina Hits New Orleans Eight years ago today, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Category 4 storm claimed almost 2,000 lives and caused $80 billion in damage. Watch NOVA’s “Storm that Drowned a City” to see what led to the devastating floods that Katrina unleashed on New […]

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