Mapping the Long Women’s Movement



“During my growing up time period, which would have been mainly the 60s and 70s, a huge women’s movement and yeah, I did feel a part of a big movement, which was a great feeling. I can remember one Christmas, my grandmother gave me this book that I wanted. It was a women’s, not just a novel reading book, but more like a catalog kind of thing about the women’s movement and I was so thrilled to get that and that my grandmother gave it to me.”

An oral history project on women’s grassroots and labor rights activism in east Tennessee has been transformed into an interactive map. The women’s work — as they traveled the Appalachian migration trail, sought work in new towns, and forged connections between rural and urban areas — was deeply inflected by space. This new digital initiative brings the women’s paths to the surface and allows for revolutionary visualization of previously invisible connections between interviews.


The interviews are indexed by keyword and location, and then color coded on the map.