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Chatting with ChatGPT: AI’s Perceptions of Oral History 

During the last year, artificial intelligence has made increased in-roads into many facets of society. Yet what does it pose for the field of oral history? Duquesne University professor Jennifer Taylor worked with her Intro to Oral History students to investigate some of the implications for ChatGPT and oral history.  The provoking post opens possibilities […]

5 Questions About: Family Portraits in Global Perspectives

We ask authors of books reviewed in Oral History Review to answer 5 questions about why we should read their books. In our latest installment of the series, Soledad Quartucci discusses her book Family Portraits in Global Perspectives: An Oral History Collection. Read Michael Tomaselli’s review of Family Portraits in Global Perspectives online and in issue 47.2 […]

Oral history goes transnational – OUPblog

Oral history goes transnational – OUPblog Barring something unforeseen circumstances – looking at you, USPS – all subscribers should have received their copy of the Oral History Review Volume 40, Issue 2. We’re quite proud of this round of articles, which in the words of our editor-in-chief Kathy Nasstrom, “extends our editorial mission in two […]

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