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Documenting Tears

Oral historians have begun drawing on the history of emotions, analyzing nonverbal communication and sentiment, rather than only the words narrators speak. Here Dalrún Eygerðardóttir, a PhD student at the University of Iceland, shares her interpretation of expressions of sorrow communicated by Icelandic housekeepers in oral history interviews.  By Dalrún J. Eygerðardóttir “I can´t explain […]

Researching emotions in interviews with former IRA prisoners

Oral History Review has a particular interest in the various methods oral history practitioners use to analyze interviews. We are delighted to preview Dieter Reinisch’s work exploring the emotions revealed in interviews with former Irish Republican Army prisoners, drawn from his larger project, An Oral History of Irish Republican Prisoners, 1971-2000. By Dieter Reinisch Particularly since […]

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