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Considering your digital resume – OUPblog

Considering your digital resume – OUPblog By Steven Sielaff Throughout my time as Oral History Review (OHR) editorial assistant at the Oral History Association’s (OHA) annual conference in Oklahoma City, OK, I saw a number of prevailing themes. In the recent past, the push towards digitization and web-based portals has dominated the professional landscape. This […]

2013 OHA will be much more than OK – OUPblog

2013 OHA will be much more than OK – OUPblog Excited about the upcoming OHA Annual Meeting, “Hidden Stories, Contested Truths: The Craft of Oral History”? Then be sure to check out our latest OUPBlog post, “2013 OHA will be much more than OK,” in which managing editor Troy Reeves badgers conference co-leaders Stephen Sloan […]

Fall cleaning with OHR – OUPblog

Fall cleaning with OHR – OUPblog Hello, everyone! Have you missed us? Of course you have, we’re fantastic and full of helpful, oral history related information. Speaking of, please direct your attention to our first blog post of the season for a few Fall announcements.

You see, regardless of what we might think about open access, or dissertation embargoes, or any of the other issues that came up in the ahagate conversation this summer, if we accept that history has been and remains a book-based discipline, then we are accepting that the book is the standard by which historians should be judged for such things as jobs, promotion, tenure, raises, etc. For our professional association to make such a bold defense of the book as the gold standard is more than just counter productive, it’s really out of touch with the realities of the history job market our MA and PhD grads find themselves in.

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