New Issue Live!

We’re pleased to announce that the digital version of Winter/Spring 2018 OHR is live, featuring the Special Section, “Decentering and Decolonizing Feminist Oral Histories: Reflections on the State of the Field in the Early Twenty-First Century,” organized by guest editors Stacey Zembrzycki and Katrina Srigley, along with a slate of other articles and reviews. Check out the full table of contents.

In the coming weeks, we will feature some of the authors here in interviews and guest posts, with additional digital content. Stay tuned an be part of the conversation.

Featured image: Juliette Sutherland’s Family, circa 1940s, Mushkegowuk Territory. (Photograph courtesy of Lorraine Sutherland.) Learn more in Katrina Srigley and Lorraine Sutherland, “Decolonizing, Indigenizing, and Learning Biskaaybiiyang in the Field: Our Oral History Journey,” The Oral History Review, 45, no 1,  Spring/Winter 2018, 7–28,