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5 Questions About Archiver la mémoire

We ask authors of books reviewed in Oral History Review to answer 5 questions about why we should read their books. In our latest installment of the series, Florence Descamps discusses her book Archiver la mémoire. De l’histoire orale au patrimoine immatériel. Simon-Olivier Gagnon’s review of Archiver la mémoire is now available online. What’s it about […]

Art, Oral History and Ireland’s Mother and Baby Homes

In this guest post, Sarah O’Brien reflects on the role of oral history within a culture of storytelling through the lens of Ireland’s difficult past involving pregnancy outside of marriage, showing how oral narratives coupled with artistic practices have returned dignity and voice to those who have been silenced by the state. By Sarah O’Brien […]

tlichoonlinestore: “Woman Who Came Back” is premiering in Edmonton on Sept 21, 2013 The recently completed animated film, The Woman Who Came Back, is the result of an 18 month research collaboration between the Tłı̨chǫ community of Behchokǫ in the Northwest Territories, and designer/filmmaker Adolpho Ruiz.  Based on an oral narrative shared by Tłı̨chǫ elders, the […]

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