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5 Questions About Poll Power

We ask authors of books reviewed in Oral History Review to answer 5 questions about why we should read their books. In our latest installment of the series, Evan Faulkenbury discusses his book Poll Power: The Voter Education Project and the Movement for the Ballot in the American South. Thomas Saylor’s review of Poll Power […]

Landscapes of meaning

View Post on OUP Blog By Andrew Shaffer This week, we’re bringing you another exciting edition of the Oral History Review podcast, in which Troy Reeves talks to OHR contributor Jessica Taylor. In addition to discussing her article, “We’re on Fire”: Oral History and the Preservation, Commemoration, and Rebirth of Mississippi’s Civil Rights Sites, the podcast touches […]

organisedyouth: An oral history interview with Farrukh Dhondy, British Black Panther on his time with the movement and his views on the reasons for the Movement’s ending. 

The Little Rock Nine

uncoralhistory: Today is the 56th anniversary of the Little Rock Nine — the brave high school students who desegregated Arkansas schools in 1957. Though Brown vs. Board of Education mandated that schools be desegregated, Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus prevented the students from attending Little Rock Central High School until President Dwight Eisenhower intervened and sent National Guard […]

organisedyouth: An oral history interview with Danny Da Costa, covering his years as a member of the Black Panther Movement. The interview was recorded on Wednesday 31st July . Conducted by Harriet Hundertmark Kori Humphrys. This recording is part of the Organised Youth Project.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, PBS will air its award-winning documentary Brother Outsider, which tells the story of Bayard Rustin, an openly gay Black activist, and organizer of the 1963 March. The film will be broadcast on Wednesday, August 28th at 7 pm and midnight, EST. It will also be streaming […]

Julian Bond and the 1963 March on Washington

uncoralhistory: “We believed very strongly in our position that the Kennedy civil rights bill was not adequate, that it was weak and that the Democratic and Republican parties were too much alike and neither one of them as strong for civil rights as they should have been. We were fearful that the march would turn […]

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