New year/ new blog!

By Janneken Smucker, Abigail Perkiss, & David Caruso

With the start of 2018 comes a new editorial team for the Oral History Review. The outgoing team was kind enough to introduce us a few weeks ago. We have big shoes to fill, with the departure of Kathy Nasstrom, Troy Reeves, and Andrew Shaffer. But we are eager to take on the job.

One of our first initiatives is moving OHR’s blog to a new format. And here we all are. We are committed to facilitating conversations about the field of oral history and its impact on society, both as it relates to the articles that appear in our journal, and to other timely events, discussions, and topics. And we want you to be involved! We solicit ideas for posts that demonstrate the significance of the field, method, and theory of oral history to a wide range of topics. We will also be turning to you for responses and reactions to our peer-reviewed articles, so we can keep the dialog going in between issues.

So as part of your New Year’s goals, resolve to join us! Bookmark us, subscribe, and engage!