OHR 40.2 now available to online subscribers

Good news, gentle readers! Oral History Review Vol 40, no. 2 is now available to online subscribers. In addition to numerous book, media reviews and a piece on OHR’s online adventures, we’re happy to share the following articles:

  • “Vodou and Protestantism, Faith and Survival: The Contest over the Spiritual Meaning of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti” by Claire Payton; 
  • “To Talk or Not to Talk: Silence, Torture, and Politics in the Portuguese Dictatorship of Estado Novo” by Miguel Cardina;
  • “Memories of an Unfulfilled Promise: Internationalism and Patriotism in Post-Soviet Oral Histories of Jewish Survivors of the Nazi Genocide” by Anika Walke;
  • and “Macho Nation? Chicano Soldiering, Sexuality, and Manhood during the Vietnam War Era” by Steven Rosales.

This issue also marks the return of our pedagogy section, which includes Ken Woodard’s “The Digital Revolution and Pre-Collegiate Oral History: Meditations on the Challenge of Teaching Oral History in the Digital Age” and Elizabeth Stone’s “Teaching Oral History in a College-Level ‘New Wave Immigrant Literature’ Course."  


P.S. Not sure how to access your online subscription? No worries, we have an excellent tutorial (with pictures!) here.