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Diagnosing Public Health Crises: What We Can Learn About Ebola from Oral History

In this post, public health journalist Katherina Thomas contemplates the power of oral history to not only document a public health crisis, but also create greater understanding about health inequities by empowering communities and allowing those too frequently silenced to share their stories. By Katherina Thomas Last week, as the Democratic Republic of Congo declared a […]

Transcribing Woes of Disabled Oral Historians

In this guest post, public history graduate student Grant Stoner reflects on the difficulties of oral history transcription for individuals with physical disabilities, challenging us to consider issues of accessibility within oral history methodology, while noting the limitations of digital technologies. By Grant Stoner During my first semester as a graduate student in the Public […]

Help us brainstorm

As we at the Oral History Review continue to expand our online initiatives, we’d like to hear from you about how we can best use this blog platform. Do you have ideas for posts relevant to the oral history community and discipline? Who should we talk to? Do you want to guest post for us? […]

Listening for change

VIew Post on OUP Blog  By Ariel Beaujot In OHR 44.1 Susan McLeod reviewed Hear, Here a project of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse that utilizes innovative techniques to connect the public with oral history. We were excited to read about it and invited the project’s founder, Ariel Beaujot, to join us on the blog […]

Learning to read emotions in oral history

View Post on OUP Blog  By Katie Holmes  The most recent issue of the OHR featured two stories on understanding emotion in oral history interviews. In one piece, Julian Simpson and Stephanie Snow asked what role humor plays in healthcare, and how to locate it in oral history. In another piece, Katie Holmes asks how […]

Challenges of a hometown oral history performance

View Post on OUP Blog  By Elizabeth M Melton  One of my first oral history performance experiences was watching E. Patrick Johnson perform Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men of the South Tell Their Tales, the readers theater version of his oral history collection, Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South, at Texas A&M University. […]

Tending the roots: a response to Daniel Kerr

View Post on OUP Blog By Allison Corbett Here at the OHR blog we love a good origin story, where we get to hear firsthand how one of our colleagues fell in love with oral history, and how they use their own backgrounds and experiences to inform their practice. Sometimes, the people we hear from […]

Guaranteeing free speech

View Post on OUP Blog By Andrew Shaffer In a blog post heard ’round the oral history world, Zachary Schrag broke the news that the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects was finally amended to deregulate oral history. This new regulation, the result of decades of work by a determined group of scholars, […]

Learning from each other

View Post on OUP Blog By Andrew Shaffer and Troy Reeves Here on the blog we have talked about the value of oral history in preserving spaces and memories, its importance in social change, and the work that goes into producing and presenting quality oral history projects. Throughout January we are focusing on educators who […]

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